In August of 1988 the Woodbridge River Watch was organized by a group of concerned residents. The purpose was to clean up and restore the river and it's tributaries.

Through our efforts a Township Resolution was passed designating 40+ acres of Green Acres along Port Reading Ave. as the Woodbridge River Watch Wildlife Sanctuary which will provide a home forever for birds and animals that inhabit the area. Two walking trails are planned that will not intrude into the sanctuary but will give our residents a place to view the bird and animal life.

Beginning with wintertime walks to familiarize us with potential cleanup sites and subsequent meetings at the main Woodbridge Library, where final plans are made. Our cleanup projects are done in the spring and fall at the Wildlife Sanctuary and the Wildlife Preserve sites. Occasionally we clean up the tributaries of the Woodbridge River along with Pupmkin Patch Brook in Colonia. Since the river serves as a basin for about 50 percent of Woodbridge, there are many feeder streams emptying into the river. It has been estimated that dues to our efforts, approximately 9 to 10 tons of debris have been pulled from the waterways, everything from shopping carts to automobile engines to cans and bottles. There seems to be no limit to what unthinking people have dumped into our precious waterways.

Our plan for the Sanctuary includes a nature trail, bird watching facilities, bird nesting homes, etc. but most of all this will provide a home forever for the birds and animals that inhabit the area either seasonally through migration or permanently. This has been a cooperative effort with members of the administration, Town Council and ourselves.

In 2007 through the efforts of the Woodbridge River Watch and the Mayor and Town Council of Woodbridge Township. Designated 99 acres along Omar Ave additional land to be preserved. This land includes the headwaters of the Woodbridge River.

In 2013 the Mayor John McCormick and the Town Council dedicated this area as the Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve in recognition for all of the work the Ernie did to help preserve open space in Woodbridge Township.

Just think! In the middle of our highly developed township, we are reviving an almost forgotten highly polluted river and preservation of over 140 acres of open space for future generations to enjoy. We are not done, we will continue to add to this inventory as we go along.

So, come, join us, be a part of this volunteer group of residents like yourself who are concerned with the environment and want to have clean streams and open spaces.

We need you, your family and friends, to work with us in this endevour. Much has yet to be done, further cleanups, trails to be built but most of all to further the education of our citizenry in the field of preservation of our most important possessions, the land and water of our township.

 Approx 4.5 miles of shore line

 The river is tidal for 3/4 of its  length

 Widest point is 125 feet

 Narrowest is 6 feet

 Depth range of 2 ft to 10 ft

 Fresh water from Headwaters to
 Homestead Ave.

 Turns into a brackish water river
 from Homestead Ave. to mouth of